du monde

Motorcycle trips

Altitude lake at 4000m on the Altiplano in Peru

South America

A motorcycle trip through Peru, Bolivia, Chile and Argentina.
From july to dec. 2014.

Sunset on Leander's Tower

Turkey, summer 2011

A motorcycle trip through Italia, Greece, Turkey.
August 2011.

Ladakh, on the trail after the Tanglang pass

Blow horn!

A trip in India with a 500 Royal Enfield from Delhi to Leh, 2666 km on "Manali - Leh highway" in Ladakh. July 2010.

Sofia, Alexander Nevski Cathedral

15 days in Europe

Italia, Greece, Turkey, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary and Slovenia. Slideshow.
August 2009.

The fortress of Jiayuguan, China

Silk Roads

Motorcycle trip along old silk roads. From Venezia to Beijing, trough Central Asia and China.
From june to october 2005.

Detail of a house of Shibam in Yemen

Sheba Queen's land

A 6 months trip from France to Yemen with a 800 Suzuki DR. 23500 km through Turkey, Syria, Jordan, Egypt, Sudan, Ethiopia, Djibouti and Yemen.
From october 1999 to april 2000.

Vietnamese flags in the streets of Saigon for Tet

Riding along Ho Chi Minh trail

A motorcycle trip in Vietnam with 125 Bonus, a 2000 km loop from and to Ho Chi Minh city.
February 1999.